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About Giclée Print/Reproductions

The Giclee ("Zhee-clay") printing process provides excellent detail and brilliant color.  Pigmented inks are sprayed on archival papers or canvas using large, specially designed printers.  The resolution (dots per inch) is actually higher than in the traditional lithograph, and results in crisper contrast with rich, intense color.

In this process, the original artwork is scanned and the image is entered into a computer.  The image is then manipulated, using advanced software, to match colors as closely as possible to the original artwork.  Proofs are printed to determine adjustments needed to reach the closest color match to the original.  When a successful proof is made, that color match is used for the final prints. 

The papers and inks used are acid-free and life span estimates of these giclee prints by third party testing indicate about 130 years with no noticeable fade.
Each giclee print is authenticated and signed by the artist. Some images may be limited to a set numbered edition of prints.